Can You Feel A Brand New Day?

For the first time in 22 years I will be performing without my Miss KK Hat.  Yesterday when I realized that it was missing I felt angry, sad, hurt and lost.  My Miss KK Hat has weathered my success, disappointments, deaths, divorce, moving and feeling like a complete failure.  Yes, my Miss KK Hat has been around for most of my adult life changes. 

If you didn’t know it, there was something magical about my Miss KK Hat.  Like Superman putting on his cape and transforming, I too put on my Miss KK Hat and transformed.  Regardless of how I was feeling, I could put on my Miss KK Hat and feel okay.  Ya’ll won’t believe it, but I am crying like a fool now.  LOL! 

Massive changes are taking place in my life.  With the changes, I’ve got to move on without my Miss KK Hat knowing that I am okay emotionally.  Everything that I need is already inside of me.  I can feel a brand new day.

My Miss KK Hat, I thank you for the LOVE that you have given me these last 22 years.  I will always love and remember you.  Today I bid farewell to my you.  I put you to rest. May you rest in peace.   When we all get to heaven...What a day of rejoicing that will be! LOL!  

Lotta Love...Miss KK


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