I Am Sent Me

Today I open www.thefeelingfriends.com Shopify Shop.  Once again, I am filled with so many emotions.  Joy, happiness and confidence fill my spirit.  Fear and doubt are lingering around the corner.  LOL!  Because I am Miss KK, I have the tools to manage the fear and doubt.  My tool is faith.

As I listened to Pastor Prince River’s sermon this morning at United Metropolitan Baptist Church entitled “It’s Your Call.” Pastor Rivers reiterated that "All of us have been or will be called by God.  God calls because He wants us to live our lives with a divine purpose."  I know that God called me to lead the charge of The Feeling Friends.  I answered His call.  This sermon reminded and reassured me that I am where I am at this moment for such a time as this because of God's call.

These past 6 years leading the charge of The Feeling Friends has not been a crystal stair.  Many call it a Valley Experience and while I was in it, that is exactly what it felt like.  As the singers of the TV Show Hee Haw would say, "Gloom, despair and agony on me.  Deep, dark depression, excessive misery If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all Gloom, despair, and agony on me."  

As I come out what was called my Valley Experience, I now call it a Victory Experience.  My small language change is changing my outcome.  During my Victory Experience grace and mercy introduced me to patience, empathy, compassion, sensitivity, self-control, goodness, peace, gentleness, kindness and love.  Most importantly, I learned how to not only share with people how to manage their feelings, I learned to manage my own. God wanted me to share my feelings experiences not from theory, but with authenticity.  My Victory Experience allowed me to gain this knowledge and to develop the tools.

Years ago God told me to “Use The Feeling Friends to teach people about faith.  Tell them your stories Karen.”  After these past 6 years in my Victory Experience, I truly have some faith stories to tell now.  As I meet with people daily to tell them of the mighty impact that The Feeling Friends has on the lives of children and families, I know that is is my call to continue forward with this Awesome Assignment that God has given me.  When folks want to know why I am so passionate about The Feeling Friends, what I do and why I will not quit, I will respond “I Am sent me.  Though I look like I am by myself, God is standing right there with me."  I am standing on the promises of God.

www.thefeelingfriends.com is OPEN for business.  I look forward to you becoming part of our family.  I look forward journeying with you.


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