I Color My Feelings For Me!

Last week my coach conducted a training.  One of her clients brought her 11 year-old niece.  My coach’s training was not suited for an 11 year-old, so my Coach had her leave the room and color. The 11 year old protested, but she eventually settled down and colored. 

The little girl chose to color Slumpy the Sad Elephant.  Not pre-exposed to The Feeling Friends, she colored Slumpy pink not blue.  I loved this for she colored her SADNESS in the manner in which she felt and wanted to color.  She even wrote about her sadness on the coloring page.  I wanted children to be able to journal their feelings on the page and she did it! WAA-HOO!

Most of our lives people have told us not to have feelings.  When we did they wanted us to suppress them.  If we didn’t suppress them, then they wanted to control them. 

That’s why I love the artist of this coloring page.  My coach allowed this little girl to think and feel in the manner that she wanted to think and feel.  Captured on that day in her coloring book was the color and thoughts about her feelings at that moment.  I use the words moment because our feelings change more often than the hair styles in a hair show competition!

At the end of the day the little girl told my coach that she didn’t want to see her again.  My coach responded as if she didn’t hear her and asked the little girl “When would she like to get together again.”  The little girl responded “Soon.”  Good hugs were given and the little girl went on her way empowered by understanding her feeling that she experienced on that day. 

Stories like this make me feel HAPPY.  The Feeling Friends can’t make anybody talk about their feelings.  But we sure ARE the catalyst for the conversations to BEGIN!

LOVE is the most important Feeling!

-Miss KK     



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