APRIL - The Feeling of the Month - FEAR

March was a very busy month for The Feeling Friends. WHERE DID MARCH GO?  Time just flew by as the older folks would say. 

Last month we launched The Feeling Friends Institute. On Thursday night of each week, seven (7) AMAZING educators gathered to learn how to adapt The Feeling Friends modules into their classrooms. We always started with a small meal and after our bellies were full, we took a DEEP DIVE into the work.

Our dedicated facilitator, Ms. Davis always began the class with a web of The Feeling Friend Character we were discussing.   After that, we reviewed the lesson plans. Finally, we would get to the good part, the music and arts. When this happened, the room felt blessed. Teachers were excited about doing the projects. This is exactly what I wanted to see as a creator. How can you not LOVE watching your work being LOVED, APPRECIATED and VALIDATED by the educators that will be responsible for teaching our children?  And when educators LOVE what they are doing, so will the children that they teach. 

In March, I continued to have meetings with people daily to introduce them to The Feeling Friends. Bringing The Feeling Friend to the world is my purpose in life. For those that don’t know me, having meetings was a FEAR of mine at one time. With the Feeling Friends Institute and understanding my purpose, FEAR for me had to go Bye-Bye, Au Revoir, Hasta la Vista Baby!

What do you FEAR in life? This month we meet Worry the Fear Worm. He’s gonna help you manage your FEAR. Managing FEAR isn’t easy, but it when you do it, IT FEELS GOOD.  Talk with you soon.

Lotta Love –Miss KK


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