It's Time to ROAR!


Anger is not reserved for little children. As adults we get angry. We have to process our anger like we expect children to do. What makes you angry? People not doing what they say they're going to do angers me. I'm writing this post because I'm sitting in a moment of anger. 

Today I have to use my Feeling Friends words and skills to process my anger. I'm going to start with saying why I'm angry. "I am angry because my friend did not show up when they said they were going to show up. I am angry because they didn't call and they didn't text me to tell me they were not coming. I am angry because they wasted an hour of my time." My anger statement is powerful because what I've done is identified what I am feeling and why I am feeling that way. I have just ROARED with my words!

Think of our children who don't have the skills to tell someone that they are angry. They don't have the vocabulary, nor do they have the words to express their feelings. Meet Angie the Angry Tiger. When a child is angry, Angie teaches children to ROAR with their words. Angie gives children permission to ROAR their anger out. When they ROAR, they ROAR with their words. When a child ROARS with their words, they say, "I'm angry because you hit me." Children then can say goodbye to hitting, kicking, pushing, biting and fighting. If you can teach your child this skill at an early age, your child will have the skills to manage their anger as they grow.

As I was driving after been stood up today, I said, "No hitting, no pushing, no kicking, no biting. Even when I'm angry there is never any fighting." I repeated this phrase over and over again. The more that I said this phrase, the calmer I became. I began to realize that the meeting was not supposed to take place. I choose to come out of my feelings and back into my peaceful existence.

I sit in a seat where I observe children with anger problems. Most often they do not have the skills to express their anger. When they have a brief encounter with The Feeling Friends and Angie the Angry Tiger, a transformation begins.

My star student this week taught me a lesson. As he hugged Angie the Angry Tiger, he told his teacher that he was HUGGING his anger away. How AWESOME is that?

The takeaway for today is to take the time to teach your child to ROAR with their words or HUG their anger away. Whether they ROAR with their words or HUG their anger away, the outcome is the same. "No hitting, no kicking, no pushing, no biting. Even when I'm angry, there is never any fighting." 

Miss KK signing off. I LovaRoo!


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