About Us

How do YOU bond with your child? Let's talk about feelings.

Let's face it. Talking about feelings can be uncomfortable, not just for the child, but for the parent too!

Get the conversation started using The Feeling Friends!

My name is Karen Cuthrell and I'm the author and creator of The Feeling Friends - a series of books, music and innovative tools designed to take the intimidation and discomfort out of talking about feelings.

As a parent, I struggled with getting my child to open up - until I started using The Feeling Friends.   The 12 memorable characters gave my daughter the vocabulary and confidence to tell me how she was feeling.  Not only that, but they also taught her how to express her emotions appropriately.  

20 years later, my daughter is an emotionally healthy adult who helps me write and design The Feeling Friends products to help parents and children get the conversations started.  What started off as something scary for us has turned into a blessing.  Yes, The Feeling Friends continue to help children around the world identify and manage their emotions appropriately.

Like you, my child's well being means the world to me. Having an open dialogue about emotions has strengthened our relationship, trust, and communication. I'm excited for you to share this type of bond together with the help of The Feeling Friends.