People Are Talking

e-book...What an interactive, impactful and funny way for children to learn and express their feelings.  This combination of written, audio and visual materials appeals to all the senses and brings the receiver into the world of feeling friends.  The vibrant characters and the lessons they impart may be used by teachers, parents, therapists, children and adults.  My clients and grandchildren have benefited from The Feeling Friends!  Love it!
— Darrilyn Vassar-Jackson, LCSW-C
Coach, Therapist, Trainer

e-book...My children and I love this eBook!!!!  The colors and illustrations bring the characters to life and the rhyme makes reading the story to the children so much fun.  We crack up because the funny rhymes and the zany characters encourages me as a parent to use different voices which is always enjoyable to the kids.  My children are developing a children’s vocabulary without even realizing it.  This e-book is enjoyable for my children and a great resource for me as a parent.  — Heidi Everett, Mother

e-book...The Feeling Friends eBook has given me a way to introduce a feelings vocabulary to my son and daughter in ways that they understand. It is so wonderful because it provides the conduit for me to help my children learn how to identify what they feel and translate that into a form which they learn to can communicate to me with no hindrance or fear from insecurity. In using the book with my children, I have opened up the my feelings block and have been able to release feelings that I have had locked inside as well.  The Feeling Friends eBook is wonderful. — Kenyatta Davis, Mother

e-book...The Feeling Friends eBook is just what educators and parents need today to help children express, what emotions they are feeling about a situation in words. The characters are kid-friendly and their names are easy to remember. Each character is colorfully attired while possessing a positive and empowering message. As a retired elementary school principal, I can easily see the worksheets and videos useful as tools in many aspects of the school - from guidance counselors to teachers to administrators. In addition, the worksheet pages could be taken home by children to give them a voice in explaining themselves to their parents about issues and even celebrations in which they are involved. Great job, Karen Cuthrell for providing a useful and positive tool for children. — Nora Baker, Retired Principal

e-book...If it weren’t for feelings, humans wouldn’t have problems.   As a Psychotherapist and Life Coach/Trainer, I spend a great deal of time with the feelings of others.  For a while, I’ve wanted a tool that would help people become acquainted with their feelings without the often overwhelming pressure of psychotherapy and “psycho-mombo-jombo.”  The Feeling Friends became that tool and it provides my clients with characters and language that they can easily identify with and relate to.  My work with them becomes more productive because when a person is more informed, they are more capable to achieve their desired results and outcomes.

I am a champion of this body of work and am eager to see other families benefit from it.  It is a perfect tool for therapists, counselors, family workers, teachers and any professional who works with children and their families.
— Vanella Jackson-Crawford, MSW, LICSW, LCSW
Master Hypnotherapist/NLP Practitioner

e-book...The content quality of The Feeling Friends is great.  The flow of the storyline is simple and easy for children to read and understand.  The eBook has the necessary elements to stimulate critical skill development in a child in a very subtle, yet solid and consistent manner.  As a child progresses through the storyline of the book, greater self-esteem is established and re-enforced within him/her.  This is a wonderful tool for the classroom.  While the target age range of 4 – 8 is perfect, with a book of this nature, I find the content of this book appropriate for ages cradle to grave.                                   — Delores Washington, Reading Specialist

coloring book...My daughter enjoys and loves the book and coloring book.  The characters are okay.  She loves the music and dances to all of the songs.  — Ashley Galloway, Mother