eBook 3 - (BULLY)

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Billy the Bully Goat                                                                                      

Do you want to teach your children about being open and sharing their feelings?  Then “hop on our magical island train--Choo! Choo! It’s Feeling Friends time!”

By teaching your children to identify and express their feelings in a positive and healthy way, you are setting the groundwork for a successful and happy life. Bullying has been around for decades and we now know much more about it and how it affects our children. It’s important to help children understand bullying and give them ways to get help.

The Feeling Friends is a rhyming children’s picture book series that are perfect bedtime stories for younger children. This book introduces Billy the Bully Goat.

Here are some of The Feeling Friends you’ll meet with a message about bullying:

  • Ida the Confident Bee says, “You Bully because you hurt, this we can see. Be gone Billy Bully. Don’t you mess with me!
  • Griswald the Grumpy Grizzly says, “I’m large and grumpy, but I can still feel pain. Billy you must find a way to refrain.”
  • Wesley the Lonely Whale says, “I’ll tell an adult. When you Bully me, trouble is the result.”

The Feeling Friends will introduce your children to a feelings vocabulary and help your children understand their feelings.

“No Bullying... It’s About Love!”

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