eBook 4 - (ANGRY)

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Angie the ANGRY Tiger 

Do you want to teach your children to identify, express and manage their feelings?  Then come along with Miss KK on a journey to Feeling Friends Island and meet Angry the Angry Tiger!

Communicating with children during moments of anger, frustration or aggression is difficult.  While children are growing and still learning how to cope with anger, they instinctively use anger against physical and emotional pain. Being angry is not a bad thing.  Learning how to express it appropriately is the goal.

The Feeling Friends is a rhyming children’s picture book that is a perfect bedtime story for younger children. This book introduces Angie the Angry Tiger.

Here are some of the things Angie the Angry Tiger teaches:

  • I will not hit, kick, push or bite when I am ANGRY.
  • I will use my words to express my ANGER.
  • I will share my FEELINGS with someone I trust.

Come along with Miss KK on the magical island train to Feeling Friends Island and meet Angie the Angry Tiger.

Remember, “Feelings are our Friends!”

The Feeling Friends will introduce your children to a feelings vocabulary and help your children understand their feelings.

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