Digital Music CD - The Feeling Friends

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The Feeling Friends: Music CD is a companion to The Feeling Friends eBook and Color Your Feelings Coloring Book.  The CD transports children to Feeling Friends Island where children are free to express their feelings in a world as vibrant as their own imaginations.  The CD is a unique collection of Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Rap, and New Age/Classical styles of music which helps create a greater definition of a how a child will envision the character being introduced and they character they convey. 

Here are some of the Feeling Friends you’ll meet:

  • Lotta Love the LovaRoo: My name is Lotta Love the LovaRoo. I’m so glad to meet you today. I LOVE expressing feelings in each and every way.
  • Worry the Fear Worm: Worry the Fear Worm is my name. Living in FEAR is what I do. If you help me not to be afraid, I’ll do the same for you.
  • Griswald the Grumpy Grizzly: I'm Griswald the Grumpy Grizzly as you can plainly see. When I am feeling GRUMPY, you better not mess with me.

Become a champion for your child by creating a safe environment at home for emotional expression and joy with The Feeling Friends: Music CD!

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